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About Us

From Geek to Guru

Before I met my wife I never had a passport and never really travelled anywhere except on a couple of cruises, and some trips to Canada (ask me about the Coke drinking bear) and Florida (South of the Border anyone?) as a child. My idea of travel was a trip to Marco Island or the Florida Keys.

All that changed in 2007 when I started traveling for work – first to the Caribbean every week (someone had to do it) then globally as a sales consultant.  (Yes, my wife Valerie was ready to divorce me after I went to Istanbul without her!).

Within 3 years I was on my second passport, within 10 I had my 3rd passport. I’ve now traveled over 3,000,000 miles and visited over 50 countries.

I’ve earned top tier and lifetime status on most of the airlines and hotels – earning millions of points to use for vacations with Valerie and our family.

My passions – and frustrations – include mysteries, escape rooms and puzzles….so it was only natural that I wanted to know how could I leverage my points to fly better, nicer and for less. Amassing points is actually pretty easy – learning how to use them wisely became the challenge, a game, a jigsaw puzzle of putting all the pieces together just right.

And while learning I made lots of mistakes. I’ve spent more than I should, took the wrong flights and airlines, even lost 340,000 points on a bad transfer to an airline.

But I learned from my mistakes, and am here to help you avoid making any like I did.

I became very good at earning status on the airlines, and shared what I learned with others and helped them get their status and trips for less while maximizing their points. Many are friends that are our travel buddies, some have even called me their “Travel Guru”.

What good is travel if you spend all your time and money getting where you always wanted to go – but can’t enjoy once you get there?

Where do you want to go and when?

For more information, please contact:

Bryan Sklar / Travel Guru