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From Bryan

TIME + MONEY = Perfect Target Combination!

The following components are of most import to Baby Boomers when considering travel:

Creative Experiences

They want to DO something vs. just SEEING something. For example, they’d prefer a hands-on cooking lesson in Italy vs sitting back and watching a demonstration.


They want experiences to be genuine and real with opportunities to interact with the destination’s culture and local people. Our Local Favorites meet this need perfectly!

Community & Family

They want to enjoy the people they are with which can be the basis for group escorted travel. This is a big umbrella that covers groups as diverse as multi-generational families to girl getaways.

Some Useful Stats

By The Numbers

When we polled past travelers and asked why they choose an escorted vacation, the number one response was “…to learn more about the world.” Well, talk about a perfect reason to travel with TravelWise—we have the world covered. Here are some other TIME + MONEY responses we received when we asked these past travelers why they chose escorted touring:


said they wanted someone else to handle the logistics, including transportation and accommodations.


responded that they wanted to see many places and sights in a relatively short amount of time.


said the price and value of an escorted tour allowed their vacation dollars to go farther.